It's finally here...summer! A time to go the beach, go camping, play by the pool, and most importantly.....just play and play some more! It's funny how summer is different for everyone. Sometimes summer can be that special romance or...that one last family vacation. But sometimes, summer is about living in your flip-flops and doing absolutely nothing at all!

In some areas, summer is referred to as the "dog days of summer" which was originally referenced by the Greeks and Romans. I'm not absolutely sure historically what the Greeks and Romans were cooking up with their reference....and neither do my dogs for that matter (or at least they're not barking about it)....but I do know we're at the peak of summer and searching for cooler playful activities when it comes to spending time outside. As for all those lucky dogs headed to the beaches.....and I do mean puppy-dogs....they're getting the ultra enjoyment of running through an ocean surf and shaking off natures bath all with the blessings of their loving masters. These sultry days of summer also seem to intrigue our imaginations with sandcastles and savoring warm sand between our toes as we allow ourselves some frolicking in ocean waves....all letting that inner child once again enjoy some summer "play"!

No matter what your special activities might be during these "dog days of summer"....just remember to keep cool, kick back and enjoy. Go out there and build that dream sandcastle or....just soak your feet in a two-ring blowup pool while enjoying a glass of ice tea sitting under an umbrella....simply remember to enjoy yourself and create some special summer memories!

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{Looks cool & pretty in tall fluted glasses with lots of ice}
48 oz bottle Ruby Red Grapefruit juice (Ocean Spray is great)
12 oz can frozen Orange juice concentrate, thawed
6 oz can frozen Lemonade concentrate, thawed
2 ltr bottle Lemon-Lime soda, chilled
Optional: Lemon slices, fresh mint sprigs
Stir together Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, orange juice concentrate
     and lemonade concentrate in a gallon pitcher.
Refrigerate until chilled.
At serving time, stir in soda; garnish as desired.
Makes 16 to 20 servings.
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Summer Medley
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